Sun Damage

UV rays from the sun can be a major cause of damage to the skin. Causing wrinkles, dry patches and hyperpigmentation, being out in the sun for too long without any protection can cause your skin to not only become compromised but age prematurely too.

When burnt by the sun, your skin cells become damaged, which is the cause of the stinging sensation followed by sunburn and the eventual skin peeling. Long term, sunburn can also damage the collagen (and elastin) in the skin, which can cause wrinkles to appear prematurely and other blemishes such as sun spots and sagging skin.

These conditions mostly appear in areas most exposed to the sun – face, shoulders, arms and hands being the most common.

Non-invasive treatments can be used to minimise the damage, many of which work by removing the old layer of skin and encouraging new and healthy skin to develop in its place.

Sun Damage Treatments At The Dorchester Clinic

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