Scarring And Stretch Marks

It’s very common to have scars and stretch marks, but both can be treated to minimise visibility and improve the appearance. Stretch marks are usually caused by rapid weight gain or weight loss and pregnancy.

When the outer layer of skin grows or stretches too quickly, the inner skin layer, called the dermis, is often unable to keep up with the growth rate. This leaves marks on the surface of the skin, appearing as red or purple lines before fading to white as time goes on.

A lot of people also get stretch marks during their teenage years, due to growth spurts and fast body development.

Stretch marks can appear in any area of the body, but most commonly are found on the stomach, thighs, breasts and upper arms.

Luckily there are a variety of treatments that can help to improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars, most of which work by encouraging the outer layer of skin to regrow new and unblemished skin and triggering a collagen boost in the area affected.

Scarring & Stretch Marks Treatments At The Dorchester Clinic

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