Get an even-toned, blemish-free, and smoother skin with our cutting-edge cryotherapy treatment- CryoPen®!

Cosmetic and medical skin lesions and blemishes such as skin tags, age spots, sun spots and angiomas affect men and women alike. Besides affecting your physical appearance, these skin conditions can also lead to low self-confidence and poor self-esteem. 

Looking for ways to get rid of unwanted moles, warts, and blemishes without having to undergo a surgical procedure? The experts at The Dorchester Clinic have got you all covered with our revolutionary CryoPen® skin treatment. 

The CryoPen® uses extreme cold temperatures to freeze off and destroy the abnormal skin cells. The treatment is so precise that it doesn’t affect any surrounding skin tissues. 

CryoPen® can remove common skin lesions and blemishes in minutes and is ideal for treating the following skin concerns:


Cryotherapy Overview

Procedure Time

From 1 minutes


No down time, back to work same day

Treatment Price

From £90

Duration of Results

Results are permanent

Number of Sessions

Usually one session

Timeframe for results

Results will show after 2-4 weeks

Why Choose Us?

At The Dorchester Clinic, our aim is to provide nothing but the best. Our CryoPen® skin treatment is the trademarked state-of-the-art technology that can address a wide range of skin concerns.

The treatment is clinically proven to be safe and effective and is preferred over other surgical treatments for many reasons, including (but not limited to):


Cryotherapy is a skin resurfacing treatment that uses extreme cold temperature to remove unwanted skin lesions and blemishes.

Once the abnormal skin growths such as warts, skin tags, age spots, etc, are destroyed, the dead cells slowly peel off, revealing smoother and even-toned skin from underneath.

CryoPen® is the leading technology in the cryotherapy industry and can be used to treat a number of skin conditions, including: 

  • Skin tags
  • Age spots
  • Warts
  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Verruca’s
  • Milia
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Benign skin imperfections

Cryotherapy treatment doesn’t require extensive preparations. You can begin by gently exfoliating the target area one week prior to the treatment.

During the cryotherapy treatment, the CryoPen® applicator is moved towards and away from the target area rather quickly. This can take anywhere between 1 to 30 seconds depending on the size of blemish or lesion. 

Once the first freeze cycle is complete, the treated tissue is allowed to thaw for about 30 seconds followed by another freeze cycle.  

CryoPen® is extremely precise and quick i.e. it takes only 1 to 2 minutes to complete the treatment.

An ideal candidate for cryotherapy is anyone who:

  • Wants to get rid of unwanted skin tags, moles, warts, age spots, sun spots or angiomas.
  • Is generally healthy
  • Has realistic expectations from the treatment
  • Skin lesions are no longer being treated by the NHS due to it being deemed a cosmetic procedure

CryoPen uses ‘Pen-precision’ to target only the abnormal tissue without causing any damage to the nearby healthy tissues. 

The treatment is incredibly safe and accurate and doesn’t require any anaesthesia or incisions. Moreover, there is no risk of bleeding or infections

Our well-trained and highly equipped team of experts is determined to help people achieve their health and wellness goals and be at the top of their game. So, it’s time that you prioritize your health and that of your loved ones’ over anything else and book a consultation now.

Once the treatment is complete, the destroyed abnormal skin cells gradually scab off over a period of 2 to 4 weeks. You can see your final results as soon as the dead skin cells are peeled off completely.

Typically, smaller warts, tags or lesions require only 1 treatment to clear off. However, larger skin lesions and blemishes can take more than one treatment. 

The cryotherapy treatment removes most unwanted skin warts, moles and lesions permanently.

Although the CryoPen® treatment is virtually painless, some people might experience slight discomfort similar to the sensation of a sharp but short scratch against your skin.

The dead skin cells usually blister and scab off slowly after the treatment. However, once the treatment is complete you may have a scar which will heal within 4 months.

CryoPen® treatment doesn’t require any extensive aftercare. The area treated does need to be kept dry for 24-48 hours. It is recommended that you protect the treated area from excessive sun exposure, damage or abrasion. We recommend you wear sunscreen.

It is very difficult to state a fixed price as it will depend on the size, depth, quantity and area of the lesion being treated. Prices start at £90.

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