In this blog post we go deep into the world of ZO Skin Health, from history to best products, customer opinions and more.

What is ZO Skin Health?

ZO Skin Health products are formulated and developed to create and maintain healthy skin for life. Guided by Dr. Zein Obagi, founder and a practising dermatologist, the product development is constantly reviewing market trends, sourcing new ingredients and formulating products that will provide patients with visible results.

ZO Skin Health’s wide range of skincare products is designed to tone, cleanse and exfoliate, as well as tend to anti-ageing concerns, acne, redness and sun protection. 

How Does ZO Skin Health Work?

ZO Skin Health is based on the concept that products are a part of the skincare regimen, and they should be used in a combination with in-clinic procedures. Dr. Obagi says that his treatments are a two-stage process. First prep the skin at home with a regimen of ZO Skin Health products. Second undergoing an in-office procedure from an authorized dermatologist, either at a clinic that offers ZO products or at one of his own skin centres. 

The at-home routine covers the basics: cleansing, toning and exfoliating along with creams and serums to target specific concerns, such as acne or redness. Sun protection is also a big part of the ZO Skin Health routine. Once the regimen has been followed for around six weeks, patients are ready for an in-office procedure. Some people may only need a lactic acid peel to tighten the skin, while others may need to follow that up with a laser resurfacing treatment. Dr. Obagi has explained in media interviews that his approach to skincare is an aggressive one, but one that yields results. Healing from a procedure can take six to eight weeks, and will be done under medical supervision.

What does their product portfolio include?

The ZO Skin Health product line includes around 40 individual items. There is also a separate ZO Skin Health Medical collection which includes products that available only by prescription, such as Pigment Control Crème 4% HQ, a high potency bleaching solution that contains 4% hydroquinone. Here’s a breakdown of items available to consumers.

ZO Skin Health Cleansers, Exfoliators, Toners, Brightening & Anti-ageing products. The skincare goodies are available individually as well as in kits.

Zo Skin Health also sells products designed for anyone with skin concerns such as acne or redness with products such as Acne Control which contains rooibos leaf extract and tea tree oil, and Rozatrol for redness.

What do clients think of Zo Skin Health’s products?

Reading reviews of the products helps make a decision which would be suitable for one’s skin and consequently a good purchase. Here is what we found clients and clinics practitioners say.


Dr. Rebecca Hierons

Specialist Oral Surgeon BDS (Lpool), FDSRCS (Edin), Dip Con Sed (Ncl):

‘The ZO range is unique in its ability to address the vast majority of skin issues regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. It is especially effective at addressing pigmentation and complex skin types which can be really difficult to treat. Every product is developed and packaged to deliver its active ingredients to the skin in the most efficient and effective way possible. The results are amazing and all my patients love their wonderful new, healthy skin. I personally would not use anything else either for myself or my patients.’

Kristeen E Geddes


‘ZO Skin Products have completely changed the way we treat our patient’s skin. We look at skin health restoration and with the full range of products we are able to get the skin back to being fully healthy once again. This isn’t just any old skincare – This is ZO!’



“The best product in the market! I love Zo products! I have been using them for 8 months, what a difference in my skin!”

V. Hawkinson:

‘I am almost 40 and have some hyperpigmentation along with a not so smooth texture due to acne in my teens and early 20s. I don’t have many wrinkles, but I did have the 11s in between my eyes and a few forehead wrinkles from frowning all the time. I went to a dermatologist office to get Botox for my 11s because they bothered me so much and she suggested a few products to try from the Zo line. I am very impressed. The texture after a week is so much better and my skin is glowy as hell. Even the wrinkles in my forehead are much improved. It’s crazy expensive on Amazon. I paid like $70 for a kit in the office and will likely continue to purchase as it seems it will last a while. Worked well for me.’

Feedback ranges from “Love using this daily. It makes my skin look and feel so clean!” to “Rough on the skin, even though it feels good going on. Too abrasive”.

Remember, when trying to decide if a product works, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s skin reacts differently to the same product. One person’s miracle cream may cause a problem for someone else. Thus, more detailed research and a trial and error are always needed.

Trending products and Zo Skin Health programmes?

The best of the best, as chosen by Zo Skin Health users:

A good skincare routine can help address and prevent all skincare concerns, issues or problems. However, with so many different products available, it’s important that your skincare routine is tailor-made with your unique skin concerns in mind.

That is why Zo Skin Health has created the Skincare Route Kits. They bring together a carefully selected combination of products that will provide optimum results for specific skin types, covering all aspects of one’s skincare programme from cleansing and exfoliating to sunscreen, serums and treatments. 

To find out more about each kit and it’s suitability, you can check the list below: 

Skin Brightening Program

Skin Brightening Program + Texture Kit

Skin Normalizing System

Acne Prevention + Treatment Program

Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program

Anti-Ageing Program

Daily Skincare Program 

At The Dorchester Clinic we specialise in a combination of Skin Care Treatments that involves both in-clinic and at-home programmes or just at-home or in-clinic routines.

We create bespoke treatment plans based on numerous factors, including your skin concerns, skin types and budget.

There are many issues we can help with including acne, scarring, dark patches, sun damage and rosacea, pigmentation, dry skin, ageing side effects and more.

To get started and find out the best solution for your particular situation why not Book a FREE Virtual Skin Consultation with one of our Expert Aesthetician today. Click here to book now.

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