Why Do I Have Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

dark circles

Dark circles can be caused by many things, from lifestyle to hereditary factors. And covering up these circles can be an annoying way to spend your time. So why not look at fixing these dark areas rather than simply covering them up? This blog will take you through the causes of dark undereye circles and talk about how you can lessen their appearance without just covering them up.

The causes

There is no one cause for dark undereye circles or “eye bags”, as many call them. But let’s look at what the leading causes are:

Eye strain- Those hours at the computer screen or watching TV can cause severe eye strain. When this happens, not only can it hurt your eyes, but the blood vessels under the skin around your eyes can enlarge. This causes a darker appearance.

Tiredness- Undersleeping and oversleeping can contribute to dark circles and puffy eyes. Fatigue can cause the skin to appear dull and paler than usual, allowing darker areas and blood vessels to show through.

Genetics- Unfortunately, you might inherit your undereye circles. If you have a family history of prominent dark circles and you have them yourself, this is most likely the cause behind them.

Dehydration- Dehydration makes your skin sit closer to your bones. Yes, many movie stars use this technique for showing more defined muscles, but it’s not so attractive for your eyes! Keeping hydrated is essential to avoid dark circles and a sunken eye look.

Ageing- Naturally, as you age, you lose a lot of things from your body that was held when you were younger. Collagen, which keeps your skin’s elasticity, slows down production, which is why skin begins to sag and become thinner. Thinner skin means that you are more likely to see blood vessels and darker colours from under the skin.

How do I treat dark circles?

It’s excellent news for those that can’t seem to shift those dark circles! There are multiple ways and treatments you can use to brighten the appearance of dark areas and boost your skin’s health. Let us look at what we, at The Dorchester Clinic, can offer those of you who need to get rid of those eye bags.

Skin Peels- Skin peels chemically exfoliate the skin. It is a skin resurfacing technique that allows dead skin cells to shed and quicken the renewal process. We use ZO skin peels created by Dr Zein Obagi, with over 20 years of experience in this field of expertise. Skin peels are a good option for dark circles as they encourage the skin to renew in a healthy state.

Radara Eye Treatment- This eye treatment is targeted and effective. This product uses naturally derived hyaluronic acid in strategically shaped eye patches to home in on that undereye area. With a 4-week treatment process- you can see results within a month from the comfort of your own home, making this treatment ideal for our home-bodies.

Hydrafacial- Like the skin peel, this treatment is a skin resurfacing process with one significant exception- it can deeply moisturise the skin during the treatment. Hydracfacial treatments are gentle to your skin, with soothing and non-irritating ingredients, your skin will be left refreshed and renewed.

For more information on any of the treatments discussed in this blog or to book your free consultation at The Dorchester Clinic, go to https://thedorchesterclinic.co.uk/consultations/.

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