Top Facts To Know About Enlarged Pores

enlarged pores

Are you always looking for ways to shrink the appearance of your pores? You aren’t alone! Nobody likes big pores; they can increase the appearance of ageing and affect the smooth appearance of your skin and makeup. Let us dive into some of the facts about enlarged pores and discover some little tips and tricks along the way.

What are enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores are small depressions or indentations in the skin. They are more commonly found in people with oily or acne-prone skin. This is because the pore is at greater risk of becoming clogged.

What are the causes?

enlarged pores

There are multiple ways that enlarged pores can be caused:

Larger hair follicles- When the hair follicle is larger or thicker than usual, your pores may increase in size in order to allow the hair out. 

Skin elasticity- As we age, our skin’s elasticity naturally decreases. So as fine lines and wrinkles appear, our skin starts to sag, so it makes sense that our pores do the same.

UV rays- Another way pores can increase in size is through sun damage. This is because our skin can thicken when exposed to the sun. Lengthy sun exposure can also take the moisture from our skin which in turn affects the elasticity, which we know can also contribute to enlarged pores.

Sebum production- If your body overproduces sebum, it can fill up those pores and make them appear more prominent. This happens because the sebum can no longer freely flow to the skin’s surface and can become trapped beneath.

You have two types of pores

The first type of pore you have is oil pores. These pores are usually the ones that are seen to be enlarged. They contain oil glands and can become blocked; they are typically considered problem pores with skin conditions such as acne. The other type of pore you have is sweat pores. They are tiny and usually do not contribute towards enlarged pores.

Pores do not open or close

A common misconception is that your pores can open and close. In fact, they do not close but dilate. If your pores are clogged or you have oily skin, steam can help to loosen the contents of your pores and contribute towards clearing them. However, your pores’ size does change, but they never close as many think.

Hormones can cause enlarged pores

Hormones can affect the texture of our skin. Your skin is likely to become more oily at various points throughout your menstrual cycle. The oil can therefore affect the size of your pores too. The same can be said during pregnancy or menopause.

The black substance in your pores is not dirt

enlarged pores

If you have larger pores, you are generally more prone to visible spots such as blackheads. Blackheads are thought to be a build-up of dirt just beneath the skin’s surface, but this is not true. Although there can be a small amount of dirt contributing to pore disruption and blackheads, the tiny black or dark coloured dot that you see within your pores is simply a build-up of sebum that has been oxidised. Oxidisation, simply put, is the reaction to oxygen. So, where sebum is usually a white liquid substance, the reaction as the sebum reaches the skin’s surface creates a hardened and darker form.

Although enlarged pores cannot be ‘cured’, there are treatments that can improve the appearance of your skin and help to minimise concerns that can be found alongside pore issues. At The Dorchester Clinic, we have a wide variety of treatments to cater for your skin needs. From enlarged pores to oily skin and many other concerns, there is a way to help your skin. For more information or to address your skin concerns, book your free consultation today.

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