The Best Skincare Regime For Your Skin Type

Skincare Regime

Have you ever taken to Google to try and get clarity on what products are suitable for your skin type? It can be challenging to find the correct information to solve your skin concerns, especially if you aren’t sure of your skin type. This week’s blog will look at the different skin types and how you can cater to your skin type in your skincare regime.

What are the 5 skin types?

The common skin types can be broken down into 5 sections. Each of these requires different care and attention to maintain healthy skin.

Let us take a look at what they are:

Normal Skin- Normal skin, as the name implies, is just that. No special care is required, and this skin type will appear smooth, even and does not blemish easily.

Oily Skin- Oily skin will often have a clammy look to it. Pores are more prominent in this skin type as well as being more acne-prone. Oily skin can be seen more commonly in the younger generations and can also link to hormonal issues.

Sensitive Skin- This skin type may be the most difficult to accommodate. The skin’s protective barrier is very fragile. Strong substances will irritate the skin and can ultimately cause dry patches, breakouts and itchiness.

Dry Skin- Dry skin will often feel tight or rough, tend to crack or feel irritable and have a dull appearance. In more severe cases, the skin can crack deep enough to bleed. This skin type is most recognisable by its appearance and discomfort.

Combination skin- This is the skin type that can combine all others. The skin is more oily in the T-zone area, whilst other areas of the face will appear as normal to dry.

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What products should I use?

So now you know what the traits of each skin type is, you might be wondering how to accommodate them best. Now let us take a look at what products will compliment your skin type.

For normal skin- You are lucky enough not to have any apparent skin concerns, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have any. To maintain your skin, ensure you use an SPF 30 or higher daily to protect from sun damage. Use a moisturiser of your preference to lock in moisture to the skin. Some prefer a creamier moisturiser for a more ‘dewy’ look, whilst others opt for a lightweight one.

For oily skin- To keep that greasy look at bay, you will want to use products that will cleanse and mattify your skin. Witch-hazel and tea-tree oil ingredients are often used in mattifying cleansers and toners. As oily skin is more prone to acne, consider using anti-acne washes and cleansing products to prevent and heal. Salicylic acid is also used to treat acne. This ingredient comes in gels, ointments, lotions and many other forms to address your skin concerns. Clinic-based treatments are available for skin concerns such as acne.

For sensitive skin- Because sensitive skin can react and become irritated more than other skin types, it is best to use products free of harsh ingredients. Use fragrance-free products to avoid the elements used to make strong fragrances that can irritate.

For dry skin- You want to be locking in all that good moisture to your skin. It’s important to note that there is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Whereas dehydrated skin can be improved by hydration itself, dry skin is easily irritated and can crack or bleed over time. For this skin type, you will need to invest in a gentle yet deep acting moisturiser. Products containing organic aloe vera and coconut oil are gentle on the skin and moisturising. Be careful not to dry your skin out anymore- remember to use an SPF daily.  

For combination skin- If you haven’t incorporated many products into your skincare regime, you might want to look into buying a toner. Because combination skin can be a mixture of skin types, you neither want something to dry your skin out nor over moisturise and create an oily look. A toner containing antioxidants and hydrating elements will leave your skin balanced and refreshed.

Zo Skin health

At The Dorchester Clinic, we offer a wide variety of skincare treatments to deal with your skin type and improve any skin concerns you might have. Using the ZO skincare range, we can accommodate your skin’s needs and soothe those unwanted concerns from the comfort of your own home. These at-home treatments can address a variety of skin concerns. This includes acne prevention, which is ideal for those who are dealing with oily or acne-prone skin.

What do all skin types need?

All skin types need that extra bit of love and care. If your skin feels a little dull or you have some severe skin concerns that need identifying or addressing, there are treatments and products for you. At The Dorchester Clinic, we provide skin peels, treatments, and home products to help improve your skin insecurities. To find out more about our treatments and products or simply find out how to improve your skin, book your free consultation today.

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