Who is the Lead practitioner at The Dorchester Clinic ….

and the founder-owner too!

How it started…

It all started with Laser Hair Removal, home testing and being prompted by my nephew to do it ‘for real’

17 years later I am loving getting to lean into my love of nutrition (BSc Nutrition) and bring wellbeing as the focus underpinning what we do at The Dorchester Clinic.  I have worked in healthcare since I was 18 years old, all the way from oral health to human health nutrition. 

Where I am now…

I am now a parent, and business owner, balancing and trying to fit it all in and lack of time and stress impact our outsides and insides.  I am heading towards my 40’s and skincare, healthcare and selfcare are my priorities.

Keeping upto date with the latest information is crucial therefore I am always doing courses and I have completed over 10 new topics in the last 12 months alone.

My passion for all things health…

Layering treatments, and creating a treatment journey like using Hydrafacials, microneedling, health testing, along with a nutrition and lifestyle review can make you feel great. 

Understanding the jigsaw puzzle to health can be very overwhelming, especially after covid and the lack of GP appointments. The biggest message for anyone is prevention but starting that health journey now is the most important.

We all love having facials and aesthetic treatments but combining health testing can make that extra difference for your wellbeing. 

Leaning into my passion for wellness and skin care  I continue to refresh and add to my knowledge and skills so we can confidently offer the treatments and services.

My continued learning…

Below you can read about the training we are investing in to ensure you can have confidence when you invest in your  health and appearance with me.

Feel safe knowing we test every treatment and product on (willing) family members and friends. We plan and map the journey before we add a treatment to our offers, so you don’t need to. You are free to relax and focus on the results you are looking for. 

You can trust that we have challenged, learnt and selected (using well-researched, science-backed with the best data) treatments so you can trust you are getting the best in class treatments delivered by qualified and trained practitioners.

Last week I completed a  Blood Interpretation course delivered by FDX. It was fascinating to learn all the biomarkers in blood testing.  

I started the year taking part in webinar training delivered by Nutrilink – Curious?  One was focused on bad acne that resolves with Nutritional Therapy and another was Understanding Cholesterol’s Role in Heart Disease.  All these courses are relevant to skin and health. Understanding the role of our body from the inside out. 

Along with inside-out training, I have just this month added to my Hydrafacial knowledge and completed  Keravive Training and Hydrafacial 101 | Elite EMEA – so do call and book yourself in. 

Last year was also an opportunity to top up, explore and start 

  • Cellderma training, so we can offer this new product range, backed by 5 years of extensive research. Keep an eye out for emails about Cellderma and what we hope to offer at the Clinic
  • A Perfect Peel superblend training which we use to deliver a medium depth peel.
  • LED phototherapy training and facial scanner training for assessing the skin underneath to identify rosacea, pigmentation, ageing, skin health etc 
  • And getting certification to deliver Cyrotherapy with the Cryopen from IvanMed.
  •  We have linked up with Map My Mole (mole screening with a consultation dermatologist)  so we can responsibly apply our cryotherapy training. We know how to identify skin lesions and ensure you get the best treatment advice for you.

I am loving seeing the results our clients are enjoying from the benefits of safe mole and skin tag removals using Cryotherapy. 

I am thrilled by the smiles and confidence our clients share with us.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Dorchester clinic. Please do email  me if you have any questions or book a consultation (the small fee is redeemable on the treatments and products within the clinics)  

Book your consultation and be assured that the treatment you choose is right for you.

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