Adult acne & acne scarring

Acne is very common and usually develops during the teenage years as puberty begins, however it can affect anyone at any age for a variety of reasons.

Unwanted Hair

Hair growth is something that every individual experiences, but excessive hair growth, or growth in an unwanted place can often be embarrassing.

scarring and stretch marks

It’s very common to have scars and stretch marks, but both can be treated to minimise visibility and improve the appearance.

fine lines and wrinkles

Overexposure to the suns UV rays, smoking and drinking alcohol can cause these blemishes to develop early or be more severe.


Rosacea is redness of the face, usually in a butterfly-shaped pattern. It appears across the nose and cheeks, often with pimples.


Pigmentation, sometimes called hyperpigmentation, is discolouration of the skin caused by too much melanin being produced by the body.

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are usually triggered by excessive oils in the skin, when you oil glands, called sebaceous glands.

Thin lips

As we age, we lose the elasticity and plumpness in areas such as the lips and this can also change the shape considerably.