Winter brings a double whammy when it comes to skincare explains Dina. 

Chilly outdoor temperatures and indoor central heating combine to dehydrate the skin on your face and hands and dry out your lips leading to itching, flakiness and redness.

So it’s time to rethink skincare routines as we prep for the colder months ahead. Let’s get your glow back!

Nurture your skin 

“If you see flakiness and dryness it’s tempting to think you need to up your exfoliation,” says Dina. “But exfoliating is strong and strips moisture out of your skin making it even drier. So exfoliate no more than twice a week.”

Don’t forget – you’re almost sure to need a richer moisturiser for the colder season as your summer one will struggle to cope. Pamper your skin while you sleep with one of our growth factor serums. And don’t forget the delicate skin directly under your eyes. Because it’s thinner, it’s more vulnerable to winter weather and needs special protection.

“I recommend a professional facial every few weeks during the winter months to my clients to keep their skin hydrated and the signs of premature ageing at bay.”

Winter skincare is all about deep hydration and rejuvenation. If you’d like some professional advice on the best winter products for your skin, book a skincare consultation and we’ll examine your skin, talk about your current routine, and recommend the right seasonal products for you.

Some like it hot (but not your skin)

Try to limit the time in hot baths and showers. Lukewarm water is a better option as the heat in the water dries the oils out of your skin – the warmer water you use, the drier your skin’s going to be, explains Dina.

Once out of the shower, she recommends patting your skin dry and immediately applying a hydrating body moisturiser. This will lock moisture into your skin – applying it to damp skin is much more beneficial, especially if your skin is dry to start with. I’m using ZO Hydrating Cream at the moment as it nourishes and hydrates without leaving a sticky residue, adds Dina.

Stay hydrated inside and out. 

Remember to drink enough fluid throughout the day to help prevent your skin from drying out and keep it looking healthy. Obvious. But it’s easy to overlook as the temperature drops.

Regular moisturising is also vital – especially after washing which strips the skin of its natural oils. Apply moisturiser to hands first thing in the morning and reapply throughout the day. I keep a travel-size hand cream in my bag and some next to the sink at home as a reminder.”

Apply a hydrating lip balm with an SPF throughout the day too, to avoid the dreaded chapping. I have tubes of lip balm in all my bags.


Are you thinking of trying Retinol to give your skin a real boost before the colder weather sets in? Retinol can deliver some amazing results, making your skin look younger, brighter and smoother.

“Retinol is an active ingredient which increases our skin’s cellular turnover”, explains Dina. “So it’s essential to introduce slowly into your routine and slowly build up usage. And always use a good sunscreen.”

There are some key do’s and don’ts when it comes to starting a course of treatment to ensure you get the best results – so if you’re interested in adding Retinol to your routine book a skincare consultation and we’ll give you the right advice for your skin.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Even when it’s cold and grey, skin-damaging UV rays still get through so don’t stop using sunscreen during the winter months. Use at least SPF 30, apply your sunscreen after moisturising each morning and reapply regularly throughout the day. Remember those UV rays can penetrate glass so if you’re in the car or working by a window apply that sunscreen.

If you need any advice or recommendations to help your skin glow this winter do ask – we love to help.

PS –  Call and book a hydrafacial appointment and give your skin a winter boost. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective whilst simultaneously improving the health of your skin.

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