Are Anti-Ageing Facial Exercises Worth It?

anti-ageing facial exercises

There are a million reasons why you should be working out the different parts of your body.  Why should you be adding something like facial exercises — aka face yoga — to your already overloaded workout schedule?  There are a few reasons, it turns out.

What are facial exercises, anyway?

Facial exercises are carefully arranged stretches, like yoga, that are designed to help tone and strengthen the muscles in your face.  Our faces often don’t get the workouts that the rest of our body does, and this means that we will experience sagging skin, weak jaw muscles, and other signs of ageing much faster. 

facial exercises
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What’s the point of doing facial exercises?

From a beauty-related point of view, it’s all about doing whatever you can to make your natural radiance shine through!  Proper facial exercises do that in all sorts of great ways, including:

  • Firm and tighten skin: Proper stretches will help firm and tighten your skin, which means no jowls or sagging that is so common as we age.  Perfect for keeping that skin strong, elastic, even in skin tone, and more. 
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles: Along that same line, you’ll also notice fewer fine lines and wrinkles.  This includes expression lines and crow’s feet, but also the deeper ones that tend to set in as the clock ticks onward, too.  Perfect for blending with your other anti-ageing skincare habits.
  • A healthy glow: When you spend time working out your face, you’ll enjoy better blood circulation.  This will help you get that natural warm glow in your skin that you just can’t recreate with cosmetics and products.  This is one of the best benefits!
  • Tone your natural shape: Your natural cheekbones and jawline are beautiful.  Now you can bring out their natural curves and shape with properly designed facial exercises.  It’ll help you show off your unique qualities, and will also help them stick around for much longer.

Are they legitimate?

While there’s no way to stop the hands of time from turning, doing facial exercises regularly can help strengthen your face overall very effectively.  This will help you to minimize premature signs of ageing and also helps you enjoy firmer skin, stronger jaw muscles, and more.  When it comes to mastering your beauty routine, you’ll definitely want to be prioritizing details such as facial exercises.  The best thing is, they only need to be done 3-5 times a week and take 15-20 minutes to do.  Plus, you can do them while watching TV, or just before you go to bed.  Easy to add in, and effective in their final results.

While it might not be common knowledge, making regular time for facial exercise is going to be better than even the best moisturizer or beauty serum on the market.  While it does add a bit of extra work to your daily routine, it’s going to be the best choice when you’re looking at the idea of keeping yourself looking young and glowing for as long as possible!

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