5 Must-Know Facts and Myths About Laser Hair Removal!

Visiting salons every now and then is surely not a priority left for women anymore. Waxing and threading are now a grey-haired trend. But are you still reluctant to opt for laser hair removal after knowing all the benefits? Well, then you must be trapped in some of the absurd myths. If these misconceptions are stopping you from booking an appointment, then not to worry! You will be negating them after giving this article a read. We will be talking about the myths and will use facts that counteract them.

1. Myth: Dense and frequent growth of hair after laser!

Fact: Every human body has different hair growth patterns. They are affected by many factors, while family genetics being the most common. Laser usually reduces hair growth in general, and hair re-growth is thin. But everybody reacts to hair laser removal differently.

2. Myth: The hair removal pain caused by the laser is unbearable!

Fact: Everyone has individual pain measuring parameters. But laser hair removal is surely not a painful process. With our Soprano ICE Platinum machine, laser hair removal treatments are virtually pain-free. At least, it is less than all the suffering caused by the waxing sessions altogether.

3. Myth: Only one sitting is required to get rid of all the hair!

Fact: Well, this is certainly not the case. Someone has misguided you. Laser hair removal happens in sessions; each session requires multiple sittings. To get the ideal, long-lasting results, more than one laser set is needed depending on the hair thickness and the area you are getting laser on. We usually recommend a course of 6 sessions for most clients.

4. Myth: Laser removes hair permanently!

Fact: Well, we wish that too, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Lasers treatments don’t last forever, but they are still a better option than others available for getting rid of unwanted hair. They can last a year or two or maybe good three to six years, but they will eventually come back. This entirely depends on your hair growth. For its longevity, you might as well have to visit your clinic twice to four times a year to maintain that hair-free body. Or else, sooner or later, you will find the hair growing back and trust us, it’s not the best feeling.

5. Myth: Laser is ineffective for hair removal on dark skin tones!

Fact: This is absolutely baseless; well, it might have made sense back then but not now. With technological advancements coming every day, everything is feasible. The Soprano ICE we use here at The Dorchester Clinic is clinically proven to be the safest method for dark skin types. The hair follicle is exposed to short energy pulses which damage the hair follicle, making it an ideal procedure for all skin types. So this myth has been negated too. Hence proven, everyone can benefit from laser hair removal and get smooth and hair-free skin for a long.


The laser is an effective way of getting rid of unwanted and uninvited hair. It’s a wise choice for women to make, you will be thanking us. Now that we have debunked these myths and you know they are nothing, it is finally the time that you book yourself a laser hair removal treatment.

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